Aircraft Scales, Hanging Scales, Straight Scales

Got a pair of elephants you need to weigh? How about a plane? Our guess is the latter. Whatever it is, you can't go wrong with one of these exceptionally well-built weighing systems or hanging scales. The hanging scales can't be used to weigh an elephant, unless it's a really small elephant, but you can definitely use it to weigh materials, parts or components. The JetWeigh cabled system will accurately weigh up to 600,000 pounds, making it useful for aircraft weighing after you've made modifications or repairs. Evergreen Weigh Road Runner Jack Point aircraft weighing systems are also perfect for re-weighing after making modifications. They can weigh light aircraft and helicopters.

Chatillon & Sons, JetWeigh and Road Runner all specialize in premium weighing scales, and are part of's stable of elite manufacturers. Our years of aviation expertise have gone into carefully selecting the products we offer, so you know they're absolutely the best. Please call us if you have any questions.

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