When you need to clean up gasket material, scrape sealant off a part or lift a thin skin, you could either use your fingernails (if you have fingernails) or you can use a proper tool like one of these hand held scrapers. With the fingernail option, you'll get gunk underneath them, which isn't a classy look. Use one of these instead. You can choose a plastic scrapers that has double angle edges, a single edged tape cutter or a glass filled nylon plastic scraper that is specially designed for seat track rails. There are mini scrapers, extended reach scrapers and a scraper set with different widths. Use them to apply putty, remove paint or clear off stickers from glass surfaces.

Our durable phenolic scrapers are ideal for removing all sorts of things, from grimy gunk to adhesives and labels. Think of it as a price scraper, an inspection sticker scraper, or a scraper to remove all those boy band stickers your teenage daughter just put all over your airplane. Whether you want to put something on or take it off, has you covered!

Be sure to check our of selection of Rivet Guns and other aircraft tools that can be used with some of these phenolic scraper blades.

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