Socket Set

Our 3/8 socket set will rival your traditional drive locking tools. We carry the Loos & Co. 38007 LINK Tools Drive Locking Tool Set. This locking socket set will prevent any accidental disconnects. Never search for lost sockets or drive bits again! This LINK tool will remain locked in place until you choose to release it. For added convenience, the pieces interconnect in countless combinations to serve as one complete tool. With this set of socket wrenches, you won't need extra adapters and parts. This Drive Locking Tool Set is complete and ready to use. We have hand selected this tool for its convenience and its ability to reach even the most confined areas in your machine, ideal for awkward areas around engine mounts and gear wells. LINK tools feature a lifetime warranty; we are proud to offer this USA-made product. SkyGeek strives to provide every tool you need to service your aircraft. The LINK Tools Drive Locking Tool Set is a great addition to any toolbox.

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