Static Wick Covers, Static Wick Protector

Static wick covers are a useful accessory for any aviator. These reflective covers will protect your aircraft's static wicks from unnecessary damage on the ground, including ultraviolet radiation and accidental collision with other objects. Don't waste time removing your wicks after flight. Instead, mark them with our static wick covers. Starting at just $40.99, Plane Sights offers square style Falcon, Hawkers and Beechjet static wick covers designed to prevent hangar rash. Plane Sights' covers come in two types, square and round, to fit nearly every type of corporate jet, providing a weather resistant barrier as well as a bright reflective marker for your aircraft and its static wicks. Our round covers service Citations, Challengers, Global Express jets and others for convenient use. Plane Sights is the only brand that produces seven inch round static wick covers. Our static wick protectors are a simple and affordable way to prevent unnecessary and frustrating damage to your aircraft.

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