Straight Aircraft Rivet Sets, Straight Solid Rivet Sets

At SkyGeek, we carry a wide range of straight rivet sets to keep your aircraft's parts safely secured. Our Aircraft Tool Supply straight rivets come in sizes from 1/32 to 1/4 inch universal heads, with lengths from three to 10 inches. We offer rivets in an assortment or in single-type packages, too, for added convenience. Aircraft Tool Supply straight rivets are constructed from durable sheet metal, designed to keep your aircraft safe. Used to tightly fasten your aircraft's parts, rivets can protect your against harmful corrosion caused by friction and vibration. Using our rivets can increase your aircraft's lifespan by minimizing wear between metals. If you're looking to stock up, replace a few rivets or try a new variety, we offer the straight rivets you need that will not break your budget. Our aircraft rivet tools will help ensure proper installation and effective use of your straight rivets. View our selection today!

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