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Don't get bent out of shape because you don't have the right swaging tool for the job. SkyGeek.com gallops in to the rescue! In our swaging department, you'll find hand swagers, bench mounted swagers and portable swagers. These devices are perfect for swaging sleeves onto various size cables. We also have swaging machine kits that give you everything you need, like dies, terminal gauges and a case to keep things in. You'll find the LocoLoc® Kearney swaging machine and the Aircraft Tool Supply hand swager kit. We also have smaller hand cable swagers, wire cutters, triangular jaw cable cutters, sleeve gauges, terminal gauges and various ball dies. If you already own an aircraft cable swage machine, the chances are good that we have the right shank die that goes with it. If you're looking for a particular swager tool, you'll find it here.

If there's something you need for your swaging project that you don't see here, give our knowledgeable customer service geeks a call. For more commonly-asked questions about this website, ordering and shipping, see our SkyGeek.com Help Center.

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