Thrust Reverser Lubricant

You can't make forward progress with your thrust reversers ruined by continued frictional force. Fortunately, you can head off potential problems before they start—and we have the products that can help you do it.

When it comes to flight, friction is not your friend. Not only does it deter you from maximizing speed but it also, over time, wears down your vehicle's parts. If you own a plane then you need little persuasion in stockpiling products that fight abrasion. Lubricants such as TBM WC-393 and ROYCO 81MS are excellent at enduring high temperatures related to friction and are specially designed to preserve your precious thrust reversers.

The magic behind both products is in the chemical compound molybdenum disulfide or MOS2. Searching many lubricants you will find this ingredient to be a staple. That's because it offers thermal stability and allows any surface it is applied to, to perform optimally. The above mentioned products contain a microfine version of MOS2 that both adheres to and penetrates metal surfaces. This creates an anti-seize environment that protects surfaces. As a thrust reverser functions it is exposed to constant pressure and heat that will wear down its components if not properly protected. The MOS2 in the above mentioned products can withstand temperatures of over 2,000°F. You want lubricants with that kind of grace under pressure.

Ultimately, these lubricants help keep your thrust reverser system operating at its full potential, enhancing safety and promoting long life for each component inside.

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