Wheel Chock

How much wheel could a wheel chock chock if a wheel chock could chock wheel?

The answer? A whole lot of wheel.

When you've just parked your aircraft after a long flight, we're guessing that you'd like to come back tomorrow morning to find it still there ? not crashed at the bottom of a hill. If you're the kind of pilot who doesn't like to see a plane-shaped hole in the hangar first thing in the morning, then our wheel chocks are just the thing for you.

Made only of the highest quality materials, our chocks are solid as a rock and were hand-picked just for your aircraft ? we've got everything from economy types to stackable chocks for that extra bit of storage space in your plane. And with the values you can get on these puppies at Skygeek.com, you might want to pick up a few, just for the sake of keeping those worrisome thoughts at bay.

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