Wire Cutters

At SkyGeek, we carry the wire cutters you need to easily cut wires without pinching or other damage. Our specially designed wire cutters are offered in two varieties for your convenience. We carry an affordable General Tools model, priced at only $3.29 to fit every budget. This UltraTech oval head diagonal cutter is ideal for quick, clean wire cutting and can also be used to cut other light materials. Another wire cutting tool variety is our Aircraft Tool Supply six inch diagonal cutter, which are backed with Aircraft Tool Supply's Lifetime Warranty. This effective tool will provide clean cuts with every use. Never struggle with frayed or flattened edges on your wire. Our diagonal wire cutting tools will safely and effectively slice through even the toughest wire. Invest in a set of wire cutters for your workbench and cut through wire with ease. Our specially designed tools are durable, long-lasting and affordable. Buy yours today!

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