Wire Markers

Marking your wires is essential for safety and maintenance. Eliminate any confusion by using our simple wire marking tools. Our wire marking systems include the 3M ScotchCode tape dispenser, which includes tape numbered from zero to nine for easy identification. This 3M product is oil and solvent resistant for performance on your aircraft. Do you prefer your own labeling system? If so, try the Bogert Aviation Wire Marking Tool. This item creates a colored strip on any wire, ideal for labeling with a permanent marker. The compact Bogert marking tool does not require batteries or any additional specialty supplies. At SkyGeek, we strive to provide you with every aircraft product you need. We even carry the Sharpie fine point markers to label your Bogert color strips! Our Sharpie markers are available in two sets, a five and 12 pack, for your unique wire marking system. Our wire markers are designed to prevent any stress and inconvenience when working with your aircraft's wiring.

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