Zero Flute Pilot Cutter

Zero Flute Pilot Cutter We carry the pilot cutter countersink bits that work to eliminate flute and reduce chatter in your aircraft maintenance. Each of our zero flute countersinks is priced at $19.99! We aim to provide our products at the lowest possible prices to fit every aviator's budget. With our Craig Tools International pilot cutters, you can create smooth cuts without hassle. Our Craig Tools cutters are available in four sizes including #12, #21, #30 and #40 diameters. We offer the most convenient countersink bits compatible with the same stop countersinks or angle drills for efficient use. Avoid harmful chatter while working on your aircraft. These zero flute countersinks are created with the specialized high-hook feature to avoid unnecessary and damaging vibration. Our pilot cutter countersink bits create clean cuts with every use, designed to allow optimal control. Eliminate any hassle and preventative damage with our high quality Craig Tools International countersink bits.

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