Zip Chem Cor-Ban 27L Corrosion Inhibiting Compound - BMS 3-38

Zip Chem Cor-Ban 27L corrosion inhibiting compound is designed for maximum effectiveness in a wide temperature range. It's non-drying, inhibiting corrosion in static joint applications on various substrates. Cor-Ban 27L is on the QPL for BMS 3-38 and is listed on NSN 6850-01-469-7645. It forms a buff-colored, thixotropic film on any metal and maintains a protective yet flexible coating that withstands UV exposure in corrosive environments.
Cor-Ban 27L is approved by Boeing as a substitute for BMS 3-27 materials in applications where the latter is specified on a drawing.
For inservice uses, contact the appropriate manufacturer's service engineering.
Cor-Ban 27L Application

International: 845-677-8185

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